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Why choose Comfort Slat Mats?

  1. ‘Super-soft’ air-cushioned design brings the comfort of Outdoors- Indoors
  2. Achieve weight gains of up to 0.30 kg. per day(Fast pay back)
  3. Unique and patented curved-surface keeps animals dryer and cleaner
  4. Up to 50% reduction in ammonia emissions - Please see report here
  5. Reduces Urease by 90% - Please see report here
  6. Speedy removal of animal waste
  7. Fast, ease and secure installation - clips down and stays down
  8. Hard wearing surface for increased durability
  9. Significant reduction in lameness
  10. Comfort Slat Mat enhances mounting activity and increased duration of standing heat
  11. It is the only mat system in the world that address animal welfare & the environment where it reduces ammonia by up to 50% & Methane by up to 76%