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“I found that the animals were much happier on the mats and where previously we would have had animals injured and lame when housed on slats, we had no injuries or lame animals after a full season on the mats. My one concern when I bought the mats was that they would come up off of the slats, but I need not have worried, as they never budged.”
Nigel Byrne, Drumagh, Crettyard, Co. Carlow

“Because I keep prize cattle, maintaining their condition during the winter months is extremely important for me. I found that the cattle on the Comfort Slat Mats were, more contented, cleaner and above all had no injuries and I was very pleased with the excellent condition of the animals after winter housing.”
Michael Sullivan, Inchiquin, Corrofin, Co. Clare

“Having tried other mats previously, I was impressed with the design of the Comfort Slat Mat and in particular the shape of the mat, which ensures that animal waste passes quickly to the slurry tank. As a result my animals are much cleaner and happier and they made excellent weight gains during the winter. The mats were very easy to clean with a power wash after putting the animals back in the fields”
Dessie Greene, Murrintown, Wexford.

“I saw the Comfort Slat Mat for the first time at the Ploughing Championship in Grangeford. I liked them straight away and I could see the benefit from the cushion effect and I decided to do half of my shed immediately and I was delighted with the cattle at the end of the winter season. They were much cleaner & made weight gains that I would certainly not have achieved if they were on slats. I will definitely have the remaining pens covered for this winter.”
Liam Naddy, Kilmacshane, Inisteoige, Co. Kilkenny.

“The cows love your mats.”
Denis & Mary Foley, Water Grass Hill, Co. Cork.

“After 3 weeks, I could not believe the difference in the cattle, - they were much more content and they took their feed more regularly and had no fear of rising and lying down. The mat gave them a good grip and this combined with the comfort factor they provided made a world of difference. It was the best money that I have spent.”
Sean Cleere, Templetuohy, Co. Tipperary.

"I am very pleased with the mats, The animals are lying down a lot more & they are much cleaner"
David Colhard Achnacone Farm, Appin, Argull, Scotland.

" I am very happy with the mats, the animals are much more comfortable, they are lying down a lot more & it has eliminated foot problems / lameness"
Steven Sutherland, Sibminster,Thurso,Caithness, Scotland.