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How to Install the Comfort Slat Mat

Easy to install & secure after installation

Comfort Slat Mat is custom designed to suit each individual farm.

Our mat is designed to fit different manufactured slats.
Comfort Slat Mats are produced in a length to suit the actual slat length and are notched in our factory to accommodate the bridges on the slats- There is no cutting on site required.

Comfort Slat Mats are easily fitted and clipped into position on the slat by the farmer.

The rigid fixing design ensures that once it is installed, it cannot be dislocated by the animals. No adhesives, screws or fixings are needed.

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How To Install (apple format)



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1) Align mat over slat.
2) Press through gaps in Slat.
3) Continue to secure mat in gaps.
4) Repeat process with remaining half.
5) Press firmly into place using your weight.



As Comfort Slat Mat covers the slat, the ‘toe’ area is uncovered allowing for the natural paring of the animals hoof. However if required, this can be covered by Walk-way mat.