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Comfort Slat Mat FAQ's

1. Q. Is Comfort Slat Mat approved?
A. Yes, Comfort Slat Mats have been approved by the Irish Dept of Agriculture for grants awards, See their website - http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/

2. Q. Are there mats available to suit all sizes of slat?
A. Yes, mats are made to suit all sizes & there is a mat to suit slat width differences of 5mm, so selection of the mats to suit the slats is very important. Some slats on the same gang can be different widths, for example, the two outside slats can be different to the other four slats in the same gang.

3. Q. Will I have to cut & notch the mat before fitting it?
A. No, we have a drawing for all of the relevant dimensions so that all notching & cutting can be done during our production process. Fitting is easy- see ‘installation’ on our website. It takes only 20 minutes to fit mats to a normal pen.

4. Q. Is your mat made of rubber?
A. No, unlike a number of other mats used on this application that are made from rubber which may have already been recycled, Comfort Slat Mat is made from virgin engineering grade plastics that are designed for a combination of comfort, wear and durability. All materials are non-toxic, which are 100% recyclable. Comfort Slat Mats are custom designed for each farm and all mats have individual identification per each metre of length for the purpose of traceability. This is a requirement of ISO 9001 2000 International Quality Standard to which all our slat-mats are made.

5. Q. Will the mats stay in place?
A. Yes, as each mat is fitted to individual slats, Comfort Slat Mat is especially designed with a ‘Spring loaded grip' mechanism to hold the mat in place, combined with the correct sizing of the mat to suit the slat. The base of the mat is made from robust & rigid material to ensure that the mat stays in place.

6. Q. Will the mats spread with the weight & traffic of the cattle?
A. Most definitely not. Comfort Slat Mat fits snugly over the slat & will not spread or distort, so that the gap between the slats is maintained.

7. Q. How does Comfort Slat Mat compare with other slat mats on the market?
A. The other mats, because of their design are made of one material which is hard and mainly flat and while they give better protection than the bare concrete slats, Comfort Slat Mats are made from three different materials that encompasses resilience, softness, durability & grip , which combined with the unique curved surface ensures that:

  1. A significant reduction in injuries & lameness in animals is achieved by the cored centre of the mat with its ‘Super-soft’ interior.
  2. The urine from the animals is speedily dispatched to the slurry tank below-keeping the animals dryer and cleaner.
  3. The mat promotes a healthy feeding cycle.
  4. The chemically-resistant, high -wear skin on the mat combined with the super-soft’ feel from its centre, combines to give excellent wear characteristics combined with optimum comfort for the cattle.
  5. In cattle sheds or barns, 60% of Ammonia from the animal waste comes from the floor & 40% from the tank. Consequently, the fast removal, particularly of the urine not only keeps the animals dryer and cleaner, but reduces the level of ammonia from the floor.
  6. As the mat fits down over the slat, the gap is only reduced by the thickness of the side- wall of the mat (2 -3mm) on either side. There is therefore no blocking of the gap, so that there is minimum restriction which would prevent the waste from getting to the tank.
  7. As part of Comfort Slat Mats ongoing Research & Development we will also be providing valves to further achieve major reductions in the ammonia emissions from the tank. These valves are retro-fittable to existing & installed mats. This is becoming a critical factor in other European countries where Ammonia Emissions are determining the level of animal stocking permitted.
    There is now a European strategy to reduce ammonia emissions from animal housing and we believe that our mats which can be retrofitted with this valve will comply with the reduction sought. No other mat provides this.
  8. We believe that the combination of the above provides a healthier environment for the animals as well as contributing to the improvement of the general environment.

8. Q. Are Comfort Slat Mats covered under warranty?
A. Yes, they are covered under a warranty for five years. Please refer to the section dealing with tests and ongoing Testing on Comfort Slat Mats.

9. Q. Can I see the mats installed on farms?
A. Yes, if you contact us, we can give you details of installations in your locality. We believe that existing customers are our best sales people and you can obtain the benefit of their experience in helping you to reach your decision.

10. Q. Is the Mat Slippery?
A. No - The mat is specially designed for Non Slip.